About Us

Developing campaigns that go beyond the ordinary is one of the firm’s primary goals. Creating unique presentations, unearthing a newsworthy angle on a subject or personality, and researching targeted media outlets that will devote coverage to our clients are top priorities. We offer experience and expertise as well as fresh ideas and creative approaches to each and every campaign we undertake. Results are why our clients continue to engage our services. As a boutique publicity firm, individual attention is given to every project. Our credo “We’re only as good as our last project,” is why One Potata is committed to designing thoughtful and effective campaigns. Our non-stop, leave no-stone-unturned approach has consistently produced winning results. From concept to completion, our staff is committed to reaching the goals we propose at the outset of each campaign.

The firm handles a broad range of non-fiction topics including current events, celebrities, pop culture, parenting, health, cookbooks, diet and lifestyle, as well as a broad range of fiction titles. In addition to working on individual book projects, we also promote and handle all details of booksignings, publication parties and special events.

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